At OTTO Bathware we believe in bringing affordable luxury to life and embedding them into our products to satisfy our customers and to become the most trusted sanitaryware brand in Sri Lanka catering to the needs of every domestic household.


To cater quality sanitary ware products manufactured using state-of-the-art German technology together with Sri Lanka›s own raw material supply to provide high quality, long lasting, flawless sanitary ware products with a lifetime warranty at affordable price and to maintain a great relationship with all our stakeholders.

Chairman's Message

As the group Chairman, it is with great pride and much humility that I celebrate 30 years of success in the ceramic industry, as an entrepreneur, manufacturer, and an exporter for my motherland.

My foray into ceramics began in 1992, with Art Decoration International Private Limited. Our flagship export company, Art Decoration International Private Limited exports ceramic vases and ornaments to over 50 countries across the world, bringing in much needed foreign currency to our motherland.

OTTO Bathware was inaugurated following the identification of a market gap in the sanitary ware industry. Back then, most ceramic items which were commonly imported from India and China were lacking in much needed quality. Therefore trusting the wealth of experience and knowledge my team and I had garnered over a course of many years, we set upon the idea to build a bathware brand for Sri Lanka guided by an ardent devotion to the religion of quality.

Today, OTTO Bathware is one of the largest sanitary ware manufacturers in Sri Lanka offering our fellow countrymen a luxurious range of affordable sanitary ware. As an industrialist and not just another businessman, my aspirations lie beyond profit making. This means that I take great pleasure in being able to support the economy of my country by ushering in a much-needed flow of foreign currency through the export of decorative ceramics.

At the same time, I take great pleasure in being able to curtail the outflow of foreign currency by manufacturing a high quality product for Sri Lanka

- Chairman -

Beyond Aesthetics

Inaugurated 30 years ago, OTTO Bathware, is a subsidiary of the ADI Group, Art Decoration International Pvt Ltd, and operates from an ultra-modern facility located in Bandaragama, spanning 40,000sqm.

Today, we have evolved to become the largest ceramics manufacturer and exporter in South Asia as well as the second largest sanitary ware manufacturer in the nation with a presence that extends across 500 retailers island-wide.

OTTO Bathware aligns contemporary design with state-of-the-art processes to create an inimitable range of exquisite sanitary ware.

A symbol of aesthetic beauty, seamless functionality and effortless longevity, we offer a wide array of products with a focus on design, quality and the luxury of affordability.

Our aspirations for design transcend aesthetics and delves deep into transforming the atmosphere of a living space. Where beauty and sophistication come together to perfect the space where you prepare yourself for the world.

Vow of quality

Our designs merge pure elegance with everyday functionality to create a range of masterpieces that adorn homes in 50 nations across the world. Each of them a timeless work of art with a promise of quality that lasts 25 years. Every one of our products are manufactured to the highest standards of excellence, in compliance with ISO 9001:2015.

While our manufacturing technology and unconventional sourcing practices empower us to consistently fulfil our vow of uncompromised quality.

  • State-of-the-art automated kilns fire our ceramic sanitaryware at °1240C
  • Raw materials are sourced from UK while glazes, stains and other materials come from Spain, Italy, Malaysia and other nations
  • Our technology is benchmarked against world renowned brands such as William Boulton UK, Nutec Bickley, Forno Ceramica Portugal, Linkcon Technologies and Port-o Australia
  • Industrial automated drying systems minimise moisture content
  • Smooth glaze application carried out by highly trained staff